Cllr Scott Seaman-Digby

Scott lives with his partner in Ruislip and went to Queensmead and then onto Royal Holloway (University of London), where he read Economics & Politics, graduating in 1994 and starting a graduate training role with Marks & Spencer plc.


He moved through a range of roles within the private sector and in 2009 completed his MBA in International Management at Liverpool University and set up his own consultancy based in London where he employs over 20 staff. He is also involved in three other businesses as part owner/investor that operate in digital marketing, property investment and retail.


He has played an active role in Conservative politics since he was 18 and was first elected to serve Northwood in 1998. Scott works closely with local groups including the Northwood Residents’ Association and was instrumental in setting up the Save Our Northwood campaign in response to the threat of inappropriate development by TfL.


Since 2006 he has been a member of the Cabinet in Hillingdon.


The Cabinet is Hillingdon Council’s Leadership Team, working closely with Officers, to provide excellent services and put our residents first. Chaired by the Leader of the Council, the Cabinet comprises six other Councillors (known as Cabinet Members) who are responsible and publicly accountable for a range of Council services or a ‘portfolio’. 


Scott’s portfolio is made up of:


Procurement and Commissioning

The Procurement and Commissioning Team are responsible for regulating and managing all expenditure with third parties that the borough incurs. The team ensures that all spending achieves best value for the residents by enforcing strict processes and procedures that given the way that departments can spend money on goods and services.



The HR service looks after the needs and welfare of all of our staff which including those in schools is over 2750 FTE (full time equivalent) staff. They also look after payroll, occupational health services and other administration functions.




Learning and Development

The L&D team administers ongoing general and specialist training for staff and members. They also look after the Hillingdon Academy, the specialist internal mechanism for helping identify future leaders within the Council and accelerating training and the sharing of skills between departments.



The Communications team are responsible for all internal and external communications, be it printed or online including Twitter and Facebook. They ensure that the information residents need to effectively utilise and access services is readily available to them.


Legal Services

Our lawyers ensure that the Council stays on the right side of the law, and that those using our services do so rightfully and legally. From planning disputes to benefit fraud, the team covers all aspects of over 500 services provided by the borough to our residents and businesses.


Cabinet Members seek to put residents at the heart of everything they do. Daily they make decisions to improve the quality of life for residents, take a lead on issues, support local campaigns and hold regular petition hearings listening directly to residents.


Scott can be contacted via:


Office Hours:        01895 250361 or 0203 740 4151



You can write to him at the Civic Centre and your local library will accept and pass on the correspondence free of charge; please address letters to:


Cllr Scott Seaman-Digby

Phase II

Civic Centre




His personal website can be found at and on twitter he is @cllrssd


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A councillor in Ruislip since 1993, Philip is married with four children.  Philip is an active campaigner against inappropriate development in Ruislip, to preserve the attractive appearance of our town. He works with the local safer neighbourhood team to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. 

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A Ruislip resident since 1979, Brian was educated at London School of Economics and Kings College, London. He has over 30 years experience in education, including teaching, examining and as a school Governor. Brian is the Council representative of Reserved Forces and was Mayor of Hillingdon in 2008/09.  His interests inclu

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Dominic is your Conservative Councillor for West Drayton Ward. He is the Chairman of the Licensing Committee and represents the local authority on the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee.  Dominic is the Chairman of trustees at West Drayton Community Centre and also chairs the local senior citizen forum

Cllr Wayne Bridges

Wayne has been a Councillor for Hillingdon East ward since 2010.  Wayne lives in Hillingdon with his wife and young Daughter and was the youngest ever Councillor elected to Hillingdon Council at the age of 21. A former Chairman of a local Residents Association, Takes a keen interest in tackling Anti-Social behaviour in Hillingdon East and to improve the quality of life for local Residents.

Cllr Carol Melvin

Carol is married to Andrew and they have two Daughters both happily married and two Grandsons aged 26 years and 2 years. Carol’s early married life was spent traveling with her Husband who was an Army Bandmaster. When Andrew retired after serving 22 years they settled in Northwood in 1996.  Carol takes a real interest in the local community.

Cllr David Simmonds CBE

A Councillor for Ickenham since 2002, David serves as Deputy Leader and is responsible for education and children's services. He has helped to deliver new f

Cllr Duncan Flynn

Duncan was elected to Hillingdon Council in 2014. Duncan has a strong interest in both Education and Planning policy and serves on the Council's Children, Young People & Learning Policy Overview Committee and North Planning Committee. Duncan is a Governor of Hillside Primary School and a member of the Ruislip Woods Management Advisory Group.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot MBE

Ray has lived in the borough all of his life and is Hillingdon's longest serving Council Leader. The driving force behind delivering financial stability, good management and civic pride in Hillingdon, Ray has also championed the needs of older residents. A chartered accountant by profession, his two daughters attended Vyners School where

Cllr John Morgan

John has lived in Northwood Hills since 1993, married to Fiona, they have one daughter who attends a local school. John was the former Chairman of the Northwood Hills Residents Association and is often seen walking or on his Triumph motorbike. 

Cllr Jonathan Bianco

Jonathan has been a councillor for 24 years after having lived in the area since 1984. He is well known for consistently opposing inappropriate housing development on our open spaces and Green Belt. As Cabinet Member for Finance, Jonathan is a driving force behind Hillingdon’s two years of ‘0’% Council Tax freeze for all residents.

Cllr George Cooper

I have lived in Hillingdon all my life, most of that in Uxbridge. My family have lived in Uxbridge since the 1940's so I have a very personal interest in the future of Uxbridge.  The environment is an area that matters greatly to me. I am on the Colne Valley Regional Partnership board and also serve as a trustee on the board of Groundwork Trust Thames Valley. I serve as a Governor of St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, the school that my two children attended. I am a trustee of Hillingdon & Ealing C.A.B.

Cllr Richard Mills

Richard has been a Councillor for Brunel ward since 2010 and has lived in the Borough all of his life, and currently works in the finance industry.

Cllr Catherine Dann

Catherine has served on the Council since 1990, and was Mayor in 2001-2002 and again in 2007-08. She is currently the Chairman of the Education and Children's Services Policy overview committee. Catherine has lived in Eastcote for over 30 years and she is a Governor of Newnham Junior School and Bishop Ramsey School.

Cllr David Yarrow

David has been an Uxbridge North Councillor since 2010 and has previously been Mayor of Hillingdon.

Cllr Catherine Dann

Catherine has served on the Council since 1990, and was Mayor in 2001-2002 and again in 2007-08. She is currently the Chairman of the Education and Children's Services Policy overview committee. Catherine has lived in Eastcote for over 30 years and she is a Governor of Newnham Junior School and Bishop Ramsey School.

Cllr Teji Barnes

Teji was elected in May 2014 as a Conservative councillor for Cavendish ward in Ruislip.  she is very pleased and privileged to represent the ward that she lives and works in all the time. 

Cllr Roy Chamdal

Roy was elected as a Councillor for Brunel Ward in 2014 and has lived in the Borough for 25 years, is married with 4 children.

Cllr Nick Denys

Nick was first elected as Councillor for Eastcote and East Ruislip on 22 May 2014.

Cllr Douglas Mills

Has nearly 30 years experience of Hillingdon Council and of supporting Ruislip Manor residents.  Driving force behind Ruislip High School and Hillingdon First card, and close to local traders.  Married to Christine, who is well known for her years of involvement in the local Guides.  Douglas is also a Governor at Sacred Heart School. 

Cllr Ray Graham

Ray, a retired senior bank executive and finance adviser has, along with his wife Beryl,
lived in the Borough for many years. Having taken a keen interest in local affairs

Cllr Susan O'Brien

Susan is in her second term of office and was elected for Council in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 as a Councillor for Ruislip 'Manor' ward.

Cllr Neil Fyfe

Long-standing Charville resident Neil has served the community as a Council ‘Street Champion’ for the last nine years, reporting local concerns and getting them sorted out. Neil is self employed and a keen allotment gardener in his spare time. Neil was elected for the first time in MAY 2010.

Cllr Michael White

Well known in the local area where he lives and works, Michael has been an active Councillor since 2005. Represented residents at planning meetings opposing developments and instrumental in obtaining funding for new road crossings.Michael currently sits on the Bessingby Park Action Group. 

Cllr Michael Markham

Mike was elected a Councillor for the Ruislip Manor ward in 2006.

Since that time he has either Chaired, been a Deputy Chairman or a member of numerous committees including such policy overview committees covering the Residents and Environmental Services, Pensions and InvestMent Strategy, Standards, Planning and External Services. He was Deputy Whip from May 2009 to May 2011.Mike served as Mayor of Hillingdon from May 2012 to May 2013. He is Chairman of the Hillingdon Arts Association, the umbrella body for the voluntary arts movement in the borough.

Cllr Neil Fyfe

Long-standing Charville resident Neil has served the community as a Council ‘Street Champion’ for the last three years, reporting local concerns and getting them sorted out. Neil is self employed and a keen allotment gardener in his spare time.

Cllr Eddie Lavery

Eddie has been a resident of the area for 30 years with grown up children who all attended local schools. One of your Cavendish Councillors since 2006, working hard to provide and improve the services that local residents need. Previously Chairman of Governors at Sacred Heart Primary School and is currently a Vice Chairman of Governors at Ruislip High School. 

Cllr Allan Kauffman

Allan has lived in South Ruislip all his life, is married to Lynne and they have 2 sons Andrew and Nick.

Cllr John Hensley

John has been a Councillor since 2002 and has lived in Hillingdon for the past 37 years and been associated with the Borough for well over 45 years.  He is married and also has two married sons and four grandchildren.

Cllr Judy Kelly

Judy has 2 sons and moved to South Ruislip 12 years ago, immediately becoming involved in local issues and was elected to the council in 2006. She has run a theatre school for many years and has an active interest in the arts, education and youth initiatives. She is delight to be involved with the South Ruislip Young Peoples Centre. Judy is a governor at Deansfield and Bourne Primary Schools.Judy feels privileged to be serving the residents of South Ruislip. 

Cllr Jem Duducu

 Jem was elected as a Councillor for South Ruislip Ward in 2014. 

Cllr Keith Burrows

Has lived in Hillingdon all his life and in particular the Cowley / Uxbridge area, and has been one of your Uxbridge South Councillors for the past 8 years. Keith has been a driving force for road safety in Hillingdon and has made many car parks in the borough safer for all users. He has been providing support to all residents in the ward and assisting many residents in a variety of issues. 

Cllr Pat Jackson

About Pat:

I was born in Ickenham and live most of my life in Hillingdon and Buckinghamshire.

I am married with two adult sons living Hillingdon East Ward.

I was first elected Conservative Councillor in 2006

Cllr Judith Cooper

I have been an Uxbridge South Ward Councillor since 2006.  I have lived in Hillingdon for all of my married life and in Uxbridge South for 45 of those 47 years.  My two children were born in local hospitals and educated in local schools – and one of them even went to Brunel University.